7 Easy Ways to Make Your Paint Last Long

With constant wear and tear due to weather and dust, wall paints tend to come off after a point.

That is why every customer wants Auckland painters to use high-quality paint that is both durable and cost-friendly. 

On that note, we discuss seven easy ways to make your paint last longer. 

So, let’s take a look:

  •  Prepare for the project

Before applying anything, ensure that your surface is clean and smooth. If your wall sidings need some treatment, tend to them first. 

Also, remove the old paint with sandpaper, scrape the rough surfaces, and power wash your walls first. 

  •  Know which primer to apply. 

Primers can play a major role in enhancing your paint’s longevity by 3-5 years. You can apply a high-quality tinted primer base coat beneath the colour coating. 

A primer coat and high-quality paint can prevent bubbling, flaking and chipping, making the paint more adhesive. 


While buying the primer, ensure that your paint base supports it. For example, acrylic paints go well with both water and oil-based primer. But if your paint is oil-based, you should use oil-based primer only. 

  •  Choosing the right paint-type

Although there are many paint types, we recommend using acrylic latex paints because they are highly versatile. 

Besides supporting oil and water base primers, they prevent mildew, blistering and do not harden with time. 

  •  Apply the paint thoroughly.

Although it is always best to hire painting contractors for your paint job if you are adamant about doing it yourself, we recommend you apply at least two finished paint coats and verify whether every corner is appropriately covered. 

  • Avoid the mistakes

Certain mistakes can cost us dearly. For example, not checking the weather forecast before painting your exterior. 

Painting during a rainy season can do more harm to your walls than good. Therefore, never try to paint wet walls. 

Besides that, do not paint a surface when the sun beats down on it. Sunlight can remove all the moisture leaving your paint dry. 

  • Keep your exterior clean

Many people have their laws just beside their exterior walls. Laws are often kept moist, which can be damaging to your exterior walls. 

Trees, hedges and plants across the wall can damage your freshly them. The moisture can make your walls erode and rot. 

Moreover, incorporate an annual home maintenance budget and hire professionals to keep your walls in good condition, removing all the dirt, mildew and debris that sits on the exterior walls. 

  •     Tend to interior damages as soon as they occur.

Sometimes walls can get moist due to a poorly-ventilated bathroom, a damp basement or a leaky roof. 

All these factors can not only damage your interior walls but also impacts the exterior. They can make the walls crack, splinter and rot. 

So, take immediate steps to remove the moisture from your walls as soon as your see it.

Final Thoughts

Paints last longer when applied smartly. Walls need to be maintained and cleaned at least annually.

However, instead of DIYing, hiring a professional painter would be your best bet, as they have all the tools and expertise to implement all these seven points thoroughly.

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