Interior Vs. Exterior Painting: What’s the Difference?

Building a house into a home is indeed a tedious job, and one needs to do it with precision. Your dream home should definitely exude vibes of comfort, tranquility, and positivity. That’s exactly why interior and exterior painting matter to create a beautiful space. As you choose colours for your interiors and exteriors, it is crucial to understand the difference between both. This guide will help you explore the key differences and their roles in elevating your house.

Meaning and Purpose

Interior Painting
Interior painting, as the name suggests, is for the interiors of the home, including all rooms, nooks, and corners. Interior painting is generally done to protect the house from stains. The high-quality interior painting also protects your space from unwanted filthy smells. Some of the best interior painters ensure the scrubbing of walls without damaging the paint.

Exterior Painting
Exterior painting is all about elevating the outer look of your home. However, it is much more than just beautifying it. The purpose of exterior painting is to make your home survive many natural pollutants, including oxidation and acid rain. Good exterior painters in Dunedin also help the exteriors stay safe from chipping and cracking.

Important Characteristics

Interior Painting

1. Interior painting fulfills the purpose of matching the home with other aesthetics and giving it a desired look.
2. Interior paints are washable due to lower levels of chemicals.
3. Inhaling interior paints is safe for individuals.

Exterior Painting
1. Exterior painting is done to protect the house from UV rays and other harmful elements in nature.
2. Exterior paints are waterproof and do not easily damage the walls with high rainfall.
3. Inhaling exterior paints might lead to serious health issues and is not recommended.

Key Differences
While you have understood tbothpurpose and significant features, it is important to explore the differences between interior and exterior painting.

1. Durability
Exterior paint is more durable as compared to interior paint. Since the additives in exterior paints might be harsh, including non-organic pigments. As interior paints include chemical-free pigments, they do not have a long life.

2. Physical Damage
However hard you wash off the walls of your house exteriors, the paints will not come off so soon. However, excessive scrubbing or washing makes interior paints more likely to be damaged. If interior paints are not high-quality, they may come off with external intervention.

3. VOC Levels
Do you know some paints cannot be inhaled simply because of the mixture of hazardous chemicals? VOC stands for volatile organic chemicals, which are highly found in exterior paints. Interior paints have comparatively lesser levels of VOC, making it safe for you to breathe. VOC levels also decide how hard they will outgas.

4. Drying Time
Exterior paints are exposed to sunlight and air, making them super easy to dry. However, interior paints take relatively longer to dry. Also, exterior paints are generally oil-based, while interiors can be a mixture of oil and water-based paints. The drying process completely depends on the temperature.

Now that you have a clear idea about the features and differences between interior and exterior painting, remember, may it be any type of painting, it is always a good idea to hire professional painters for a top-notch experience at affordable prices. Hiring painters eases the job and makes your home your desired space!

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