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Painting is inevitable if you want to design your home’s roof and make it lively! Not only does it help make your property look excellent, but it can also extend its life. Painting a ceiling, however, isn’t easy ts it requires significant effort to determine the cost necessary to cater to the entire area or property.

You need to stick to your budget to make your space stand out. Below are the tips that can help you calculate your cost of roof painting in NZ.

The Size of Your Roof

Always remember that the size of your room is the first thing a professional painter will consider. Though the roof sizes may differ from one to another, larger sizes may require additional painting. It doesn’t always mean the larger area will need huge painting costs. Many things are associated with the type of paint according to the design of your roof, the number of required colours, methods, and more. If you want to analyse the cost of roof painting, any professional painter will consider this aspect.

Don’t Overlook Materials

Painting is indeed a complicated process. Professional painters will require high-quality paint to withstand daily wear and tear if your roof is constantly exposed to rain and harsh weather conditions. Let’s say you live in an area with intense sunlight, so you’ll want to choose a UV protection paint that can protect your paint from fading too quickly. These kinds of colours will usually cost more than regular paints.

Consider Your Roof Type 

Another factor that can affect your roof painting cost is the type of your roof. Some popular roof types are metal roofs, tray roofs, iron roofs, and tiled roofs. Remember that different types of roofs require different types of paints. So, if you own a specific kind of roof, the painter will analyse its type and the area and then suggest the colour. When you want to estimate the average cost of painting, it’s a significant consideration you cannot overlook. Also, if the price might increase, your existing roof has cracks, rust, and bolts.

Check the Angle of Your Roof

If you think the angle of your roof is not an essential factor, you might be mistaken! If you have steeply angled roofs, they may increase the overall surface, requiring more paint. It is no secret that the angles of a roof can make a difference, impacting the overall cost of painting. On the other hand, if you own a regular roof, there are chances that the price will be significantly lower than a steeply angled roof.


So, that’s a wrap to the factors that may help you estimate the cost of a roof painting. Always choose a seasoned and certified professional painter to ensure everything is done correctly and efficiently.

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