Techniques That You Can Utilise To Improve Your Deck’s Longevity

In case you’re someone who spends most of the leisure days on your deck, enjoying the warm glow from the sun, then taking care of your lovely deck is a necessity. The deck is the main area where we carry out our summer parties, use our grilling machines, read a book in our free time and do all sorts of different activities.

However, it should be realised that your deck is subjected to more weathering agents than any other place in your home including the roof. That’s why regular sealing, cleaning and performing maintenance repairs is the way to go if you want your deck to last for a long time.

Methods To Keep Your Deck In Great Shape Over Time


Over time, decks are likely to rot, especially when exposed to mildew and mould. And since decks are pretty low to the ground soil, such damaging life forms are easy to found. By cleaning your deck every day, you can keep moulds and mildews away.

House painters in Wellington points out that cleaning your deck is easy as you’d just need to sweep and mop it. If possible, you can also invest in a quality deck cleaning agent. But, before you use such cleaning solutions, be sure to read the instructions because otherwise harsh chemicals may damage the material and paint job of your deck.

Generally, you don’t have to use the cleaning agent every day. Just one or two times a year should be sufficient.


You should remember that wooden decks must be resealed frequently to prevent the wood from rotting or damage. Wood damage is generally caused by precipitation and extreme exposure to the sun’s rays. Therefore, it’s crucial that you invest in a good quality sealer every one or two years (depending upon the kind of weather your deck experiences).

When purchasing sealers, you can get clear sealers that will be able to show off the natural grain of your deck’s wood. Apart from that, you’ll have the option to invest in solid or semi-transparent sealers for better protection.

You can either do the finishing job all by yourself or can hire professional painters and decorators in Auckland to finish your deck. In case you’re going the DIY route, be sure to do your finishing project on a day which will have little to no chance of rainfall.

Besides the above-mentioned techniques, you still need to consider occasional repairs for your deck, so that its integrity remains intact. We hope you liked our small yet comprehensive guide on deck care and if you have any further consultations to perform, remember to contact us right away.

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